09:15 / 25.08.2022

“Subscription is voluntary-compulsory, do you understand?” — Bobolov’s new audio

The next audio of Surkhandarya regional governor Tura Bobolov has gone viral. In the audio, Bobolov severely reprimanded the officials who are not able to subscribe to the “Surkhon tongi” newspaper in the required amount.

The conversation, which took place remotely, was as follows:

- Where is the head of city public education department?
- Good morning.
- Hi. Look at me, subscription is voluntary-compulsory, did you understand?
- Understandable!
- What are you afraid of? 
- Nothing.
- Who is there from the Regional Public Education Department? Where is Ilhom Ochilovich Safarov (deputy of the regional governor for youth policy, social development, and spiritual and educational affairs, prior to that he was head of the Regional PED in 2018-2021).
- Good morning, Tura Abdiyevich.
- You used to work in the public education department, but the department head is sick. Gather everyone, explain to teachers... 
- I understand, Tura Abdiyevich, there will be a change in 4 or 5 days... I will control this.
- Voluntary-compulsory!
- It is clear, Tura Abdiyevich!
- Do you understand what I said, Angor?
- Tura Abdiyevich, there are 3-4 school principals who have not been fulfilled the target, today we will talk with all of them and the task will be complete. 
- Tell me, if you have made a thousand out of five thousand subscriptions, how will you achieve the target?
- We know concrete organizations, Tura Abdiyevich, we will force them to be subscribed.
- Can you gather school principals and say: “We need to subscribe, why didn’t you do it?” Can you talk like that?
- Now all of them are in the hall, we will come to an agreement.
- I know, you won’t be able to talk. You are afraid of the prosecutor, he is following you. This is how you work. The Angor district prosecutor Sirojiddin Ramazonov is sitting as a spectator. Is he here?
- Yes, he is.
- Give him the phone!
- Good morning, Tura Abdiyevich.
- How are you helping your district? You are a prosecutor, you have to work..., you are head of the sector! But you support no arae. 
- I help in all areas...
- You have no intention of helping! You are not helping!..

Then, the topic of subscription will link to the audio leaked online on August 18. During the conversation, Tura Bobolov insults Angor district prosecutor Sirojiddin Ramazonov with filthy words.

According to Kun.uz source,   the “Surkhon tongi” newspaper, whose founder is the Surkhandarya regional council of people’s deputies, is being forcibly promoted by the regional governor. The 36th issue of the newspaper, published on August 17, was printed in 9,430 copies. The circulation at the beginning of the year was 15,620 copies. There is also a Russian version of the publication. Today, the editor-in-chief of the newspaper is Salokhiddin Norkobilov.

It should be noted that by the resolution No. 3907 of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev dated August 14, 2018, it is strictly prohibited to collect money for compulsory subscriptions to newspapers and magazines of various editions. 

Bobolov’s press service commented on the above audio. According to it, no meeting was held in 2022 under the leadership of the regional governor. Officially, it was stated that this audio recording was “edited from the meetings of 2021”. 

“State institutions in the regions will be allocated funds for annual subscriptions to printed publications related to their field. When the regional leader used the word “compulsory”, he paid attention to the subscription based on this amount,” the press service said in a statement. 

The press secretary asked the social network activists not to exaggerate and misinterpret opinions of the regional governor, and not to get an inappropriate understanding about the subscription to periodicals.