12:01 / 30.08.2022
24 people involved in mass riots in Karakalpakstan released from custody

The precautionary measure in the form of imprisonment is replaced by house arrest.

Photo: ombudsman.uz

24 citizens involved in mass riots in Karakalpakstan returned to their families on the basis of the state guarantee, at the suggestion of the members of the commission for studying the events and the proposal of the Jokargy Kenes of Karakalpakstan.

It is noted that they repented for their actions. 

The precautionary measure of deprivation of liberty against them has been replaced by the precautionary measure of public control and house arrest in accordance with humanitarian principles. Reportedly, some of them have minor children under their care and some are the only breadwinners in the family.

Investigations are currently being conducted in connection with the protests in Karakalpakstan.

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