13:08 / 31.08.2022
CPJ coordinator Gulnoza Said granted permission to enter Uzbekistan

On Tuesday morning, CPJ Europe and Central Asia Program Coordinator Gulnoza Said was denied entry into Uzbekistan.

Said was making a family visit to Uzbekistan after traveling to Georgia and Latvia on a CPJ mission. 

At the airport, immigration officials told her that the immigration system showed that she was not allowed to enter the country and said she must remain at the airport until she takes a flight to New York on September 1.

The Mass Media Fund immediately addressed relevant state bodies with a request to solve the issue.

They were told that the issue had already been resolved and she was permitted to enter the country.

Prior to that, CPJ President Jodie Ginsberg also commented on the incident: “Uzbekistan authorities should allow Gulnoza Said entry to the country so she can collect her son and return from their family’s holiday in peace. Said was not working in Uzbekistan, and we consider her denial to enter the country to be a form of harassment intended to intimidate her for her work outside of the country reporting and supporting journalists.”