13:46 / 12.09.2022
Law “On employment of the population” to be amended 

The bill “On amendments and additions to the law “On employment of the population” was announced.

According to the document, information on the availability of vacant jobs is provided electronically by the employer to the local labor body at the end of each reporting month through the “Single national labor system” interdepartmental software-hardware complex. Information on the availability of vacancies will be included in the national database of vacancies.

Subsidies will be allocated:

•  to compensate employers for the costs of training, retraining or upgrading the skills of employees hired on the referral of local labor authorities;
•  to encourage employers who employ persons with disabilities;
•  allocated to encourage employers who set up households.

It is a job that does not require initial vocational training for people who are looking for a job for the first time. If it is not possible to find such a job, other paid work, including temporary work, is considered acceptable for these persons, taking into account their age and other characteristics.

In addition, if a person gets 70 or more points according to the results of the evaluation of skills, knowledge and skills, he will be given a qualification passport within three days, and if he gets less than 70 points, a conclusion will be drawn that qualifications, knowledge and skills have been assessed.