POLITICS | 22:54 / 27.09.2022
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Governors who allow forced labor in cotton picking to be prosecuted

Sardor Umurzakov said that any leader engaged in this work can be considered a traitor to the president’s policy.

Governors who allow forced labor in cotton picking may be prosecuted. According to UzA, this was said at the videoconference meeting held by the head of the presidential administration, Sardor Umurzakov.

Umurzakov criticized the violations in the cotton harvest.

“We have warned leaders of the region to organize systematic work on the prevention of forced labor in cotton picking. Nevertheless, news about the cotton harvest is spreading on social networks every day. Now the collection of money from businessmen and ordinary employees of budget organizations to attract “voluntary workers” is reaching its peak.

One conclusion can be drawn from these cases. Any leader who engages in this work can be considered a traitor to the policies of our honorable president.

The Prosecutor General’s Office (Nigmatilla Tulkinovich) should immediately prosecute the persons involved in such cases without hesitation. Together with regional prosecutors, you should provide us with the rule of law,” Sardor Umurzakov said.

It was mentioned at the meeting that there are many objections that negative situations are being allowed by the clusters.

“How can we understand that farmers who do not want to sell cotton to clusters at a low price are being pressured by district sector leaders?

Shukhrat Ganiyev and Voitov should personally study this situation within two days and make a proposal on the heads of sectors and clusters that cause such protests among the people,” the head of the presidential administration said.

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