13:36 / 11.10.2022

Two-month rent compensation to be paid to 1st-year students living in a rented apartment without a rental contract

As an exception, compensation will be paid to 1st-year students from other regions who are not accommodated in the dormitory, regardless of whether they have a rental agreement or not. From November, only students who have a rental agreement will be compensated.

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The government of Uzbekistan announced a one-time action on the issue of paying rent for 1st-year students, the lawyer Khushnudbek Khudoyberdiev reported.

According to the statement of the Cabinet of Ministers, first-year students who are accepted as students and come from remote areas not covered by student accommodation will be paid rent compensation for the months of September and October within the funds allocated to HEIs, without requiring a rental agreement.

Students who have submitted a rental agreement will continue to be paid from November.

In this regard, the order of the rector (director) has been formalized in connection with the creation of a list of students studying in the first year of higher educational institutions, living in a rented apartment, and the implementation of rent compensation payments. The payment of appropriate funds has been determined.

What does this mean?

It is known that starting from last year, the procedure for paying rent compensation to students forced to live in rented accommodation due to lack of space in student dormitories was established. For this, the student had to submit the lease agreement to the HEI where he is studying.

This procedure is still in force. That is, a student living in a rented apartment has the right to receive rent compensation, regardless of the course he is studying in.

Now, according to the new regulation, an exception has been made for 1st-year students. That is, it is enough for first-year students who could not get a dormitory to say that they stay in a rented apartment. They will be paid rent compensation for the months of September and October without the need for a rental agreement. If they want to get compensation again, then from November they will have to show the rental agreement. This exception was granted only to 1st-year students. Senior students will only receive compensation if they provide a rental agreement for both September and October.

How much is the amount of rent compensation?

50% of the monthly rent paid by students, who are not covered by a dormitory and live in a rented house that does not belong to themselves, including their parents (legal representatives), is covered by budget funds.

50% of the monthly rent (up to 300,000 soums in Tashkent, and up to 150,000 soums in the rest of the regions) is reimbursed to students who study on the basis of a state grant or payment contract and live on the basis of the right to rent.

So, 1st-year students, who are not accommodated in the dormitory, can receive a total of 600,000 soums in the city of Tashkent and 300,000 soums in the regions for September and October (for 2 months). For this, students should apply to the university where they are studying.

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