19:40 / 14.12.2022

Theft in Dorman: Suspect was released, she might have been convicted under torture

Фото: AP

According to an official source who spoke on the condition of anonymity, the victim (Tanzila Narbayeva’s daughter) withdrew her complaint against the woman suspected of theft the day after the case was heard. At the same time, Kun.uz received the suspect’s application written to the law enforcement agency that she was tortured during the investigation.

Earlier, it was reported that a theft was committed in one of the specially guarded houses in Dorman and the house belongs to Tanzila Narbayeva. According to Kun.uz official sources close to the Senate Chairperson, the house where the robbery took place really belongs to Narbayeva (it was given by the state for the period of her work as the Senate Chairperson), but her daughter has lived in the house, not her.

“Narbayeva did not know about this case. Also, the application against the suspect was withdrawn by Tanzila Narbayeva’s daughter the very next day. As a result, the suspect D.T. released from prison. The money was also given up,” the source said.

Kun.uz also managed to contact the father of the nanny D.T., who is suspected of theft. He said that his daughter is really at home now, but he can’t say anything else.

In the investigation, the suspect may have been indicted through torture

Kun.uz received the suspect’s application written to the law enforcement agency on December 7. It says that since December 2, 2022, D.T. has been detained as a suspect in the temporary detention room of the Tashkent city DIA. On December 5, at 6:00 a.m., she was taken to the 4th floor of the DIA building, accompanied by an investigator named Dilmurod, and was tortured in that room to confess her guilt.

“On December 5, 2022, at 6:00 a.m., Dilmurod took me to the investigator’s room. Bekzod, an officer of the criminal investigation department of the Mirzo Ulugbek district DIA, came there and said that Dilmurod was an employee of the investigation department.

Dilmurod took me to his room on the 4th floor. There they spoke to me gently first, then Bekzod shouted at me and hit my left leg with his foot. Then he forced me to do physical exercises and physically harmed me. He punched my shoulder and hand. Then he forced me to take off my clothes, he wanted to take a picture and send it to your husband. I asked them not to do this. I said I’m sick right now. Then they took this into account, sat down and gave a paper to write. They told me to take responsibility for the theft and write even if I got 100 dollars. They said if I followed their advice, they would free me. But I did not confess to stealing the money. They said after that the interrogation would be continued tomorrow.

I request you to investigate and take legal action against these employees who are pressuring me and torturing me,” D.T. wrote in her application.

The above case shows that the Prosecutor General’s Office should pay serious attention to the situation. It is appropriate for the Ministry of Internal Affairs to conduct a service inspection. Also, the Ombudsman should study the extent to which the procedural rights of the woman detained as a suspect are ensured and her claim of torture.