16:45 / 19.12.2022
Poor visibility limits work of Tashkent and Namangan airports

Poor visibility caused by thick fog limited the work of the international airports in Tashkent and Namangan. More than 20 flights had to be either rescheduled or sent to alternate airfields.

Photo: Uzbekistan Airports

Bad weather conditions caused Uzbekistan Airways flight HY614 (Moscow-Tashkent) to be sent to the Bukhara alternate airfield. The aircraft with 214 passengers on board landed in Bukhara at 03:23 local time. Flight HY426 (Delhi-Tashkent) was also redirected to Bukhara Airport. After visibility improved, both planes flew to Tashkent.

Uzbekistan Airways flight HY23/24 (Tashkent-Bukhara-Tashkent) was also delayed. The plane landed in Bukhara at 10:52 local time. Departed at 11:53.

In addition, the following flights left for the alternate airfield in Navoi:

- HY9662 (Yekaterinburg - Tashkent);
- HY3196 (Seoul - Tashkent);
- HY274 (Istanbul - Tashkent);
- HY708 (Vladivostok - Tashkent);
- HY9646 (Moscow - Tashkent);
- AFL1870 (Mineralnye Vody - Tashkent).

Flights left for the alternate airfield in Samarkand:

- HY18 (Nukus - Tashkent);
- HY336 (Jeddah - Tashkent);
- AHY5031 (Baku - Tashkent);
- charter flight FRX513 operated by Fort Aero.

Uzbekistan Airways flight HY9802 (Perm-Namangan) was redirected to Fergana airport and landed at 01:51 local time.

Flight HY9620/9619 (Moscow-Namangan-Moscow) has been rescheduled from December 18 to December 19.

Flight HY9619 (Namangan-Moscow) scheduled for December 19 at 16:40 local time was rescheduled for December 20. Flights HY9805 (Namangan-Samara) and HY 9806/9829 (Samara-Namangan-Yekaterinburg) have also been rescheduled.

The following flights have been postponed until weather conditions improve in Namangan:

- SBI5567/5568 of S7 airlines (Novosibirsk-Namangan-Novosibirsk);
- G785 of Air Arabia (Namangan-Sharjah);
- G785 of Air Arabia (Sharjah -Namangan- Sharjah)
- WZ4483/4484 of Red Wings (Moscow-Namangan-Moscow);
- J9645 of Jazeera Airways (Kuwait-Namangan-Kuwait).

As reported at the Namangan airport, unfavorable weather conditions still persist.

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