17:52 / 29.12.2022
Regional and district public education departments may be abolished in Uzbekistan

During the meeting aimed at improving the quality of education, the head of state spoke about the systems that hinder the work of teachers.

Photo: Presidential Press Service

“We want to treat all subjects equally, let’s say we want to make everyone a mathematician. But in practice it is impossible. At least 10% of children want to be mathematicians. We must learn to teach according to the child’s wishes and needs. A child knows well what he is interested in, it is necessary to stop teaching him all subjects in the same way and focus on the field of interest.

Organizations like regional and district public education departments are prosecutors for you. I want to abolish these two organizations in the future. It is necessary for the schools themselves to conduct the entire process.

Why do we need the other steps in the middle? A teacher cannot step because of them. It is high time to break such a system. Of course, order is needed, but there is a ministry to control it. We still have the old system. In fact, it should be the other way around, the school should control the city public education department.

We tend to the old system, we do what the district public education department says. Times are changing, we have changed the attitude to cotton in agriculture. Now both the cotton and the system are working. So, in the future, it is necessary to think about seriously reforming the education system,” the president said in a conversation with leading pedagogues.

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