SOCIETY | 14:15 / 06.01.2023
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Bear in Andijan zoo kills an employee

An employee, who entered the bear cage to feed the animal, was attacked and died on the spot.


According to the Information Service of the Regional DIA, on January 3 at 16:00, an employee of the private zoo “Usmanabad Fayzi” LLC, located on the territory of the 27th Anniversary of Independence, Khodjaabad district, entered the cage to feed the bear, when the wild animal suddenly attacked and bit him.

The incident was registered by the Khodjaabad district police department in accordance with the established procedure, and the scene was examined by the operational-investigative group of the district DIA.

Forensic medical examination has been appointed to establish the severity of the bodily injuries and the cause of death of citizen A.G., zoo employee.

“Currently, the investigative group of the Khodjaabad district DIA is conducting a pre-investigation check,” the report says.

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