13:53 / 19.01.2023

“Compensation will be paid if it is proven that children were poisoned by Doc-1 Max” – Ministry of Health 

Compensation may be paid to families of children allegedly poisoned by Doc-1 Max drugs. The Deputy Minister of Health Elmira Bositkhonova informed that every child is now being examined.

Photo: Kun.uz

At the end of December 2022, it was said that in Uzbekistan, 20 children were poisoned by syrups produced in India. The issue of compensation for children who allegedly died from Indian syrups was raised in the International Press Club. Elmira Bositkhonova, the Deputy Minister of Health, informed that which medicine was taken by the allegedly poisoned children was determined from the conversation with the parents. If this is confirmed by the document, it will be possible to initiate legal proceedings in this case and to get paid compensation.

“Because none of those children were diagnosed in an ordinary hospital. All were determined in nephrology, artificial kidney centers. 50% of the children are hospitalized with severe complications and fatal pathology. We were able to check the words of their parents about the illness and the drugs of the same series released in the world community, and it was found out that the drugs contained poisonous substances. If it is proven in children, then compensation will be paid. Now every child is being examined,” the deputy minister said. 

After it was assumed that the drugs of  “Quramax Medical” company were causing the death of children in Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Health banned the sale of all the its drugs. As a result of the tests, it was found that the drugs contained an unacceptable amount of ethylene glycol. The Indian authorities suspended the license of “Marion Biotech”, a manufacturer of syrups. The State Security Service arrested two officials of “Scientific Center for Standardization of Medicines” and two officials of “Quramax Medical”. They are suspected of grossly violating the current procedures during the inspection of Dok-1 Max and Ambronol drugs for the purpose of certification.