BUSINESS | 11:57 / 28.01.2023
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Uzbekistan’s GDP reached $80.3 billion in 2022

Last year, the economy of Uzbekistan grew by 5.7%; GDP per capita reached $2,255 (+3.5%).


According to the Statistics Agency, the gross domestic product of Uzbekistan amounted to 888.34 trillion soums in 2022.

The average official exchange rate of the US dollar against the soum was equal to 11,051.2 soums last year. Accordingly, the volume of GDP calculated at this exchange rate was $80.38 billion.

It is noted that the economy of Uzbekistan grew by 5.7% in 2022.

Last year, GDP per capita reached 24.9 million soums or $2,255 at current prices. The population of the country was around 35.64 million people.

The growth of GDP per capita compared to 2021 was 3.5%.

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