18:03 / 04.02.2023

Individuals who prepared fake 100,000-soum banknotes and sold them at half price detained in Tashkent region

A citizen was arrested for selling counterfeit money worth 1,500,000 soums for 400,000 soums during an operative event conducted by the Angren city DIA employees.

Photo: DIA

According to the information service of the Tashkent regional DIA, during the rapid investigation of the case, 4 more persons (29-47 years old) involved in the case were arrested in procedural order.

Counterfeit 100,000-soum banknotes and a color printer were seized from them as material evidence.

It was found that these persons had previously printed counterfeit banknotes worth 5,000,000 soums.

Currently, a criminal case has been instituted under Article 176-2 of the Criminal Code, and investigations are underway.

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