14:22 / 30.09.2023

Tashkent city administration warns people of fraudsters extorting money from Sergeli explosion victims

It turned out that they are asking citizens for money for the work done by the government free of charge.

Photo: Tashkent city administration

As a result of the incident that occurred in the Sergeli district of Tashkent city, the works of restoring the damaged houses of the residents are continuing rapidly.

According to the statement issued by the capital's administration, all these activities are carried out free of charge for the population.

It was noted that there are people who intend to extort money from the population by taking advantage of the difficult situation. 

"They are taking advantage of our countrymen's naivete by asking money for the work done by the government free of charge," the report reads.

The government informed that all the work is done free of charge and urged not to believe the words of these persons and not to be deceived.

Earlier, the press secretary of the prime minister said in response to the question that the amount of damage is covered by the state, the spent funds will be recovered from the responsible party in the appropriate manner.

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