09:26 / 25.02.2023

A norm solving demolition-related problem to be included in the Constitution

A joint meeting of the Committees on Anti-Corruption and Judiciary and Democratic Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations, Citizens’ Self-Government Bodies, which are responsible for drafting the Constitutional Law of the Legislative Chamber, was held.

Photo: Kun.uz

The updated Constitution aims to change the principle of “state-society-man” to “man-society-state”, that is, to put the interests of people above everything else.

It is determined that ambiguities in the law that arise in the interaction of a person with state bodies will be interpreted in favor of the person. For example, tax legislation has conflicting norms. The tax authority wants to interpret this inconsistency in favor of the state, and the citizen wants to interpret it in his favor. This guarantee, which is included in the Constitution, puts an end to such a dispute and strictly defines that inconsistencies will be resolved in favor of the citizen and not the state.

Additional norms aimed at strengthening the social protection system of the population will be introduced. In particular, a new article will be introduced, which stipulates the duties of the state to protect citizens from unemployment and take measures to reduce poverty. In addition, according to this article, the state organizes and encourages the professional training and retraining of citizens to ensure their employment.

As noted at the meeting, the right of citizens to have housing is being strengthened at the constitutional level. It is determined that the state will encourage housing construction and create conditions for the realization of the right to housing. Legal grounds for providing housing to socially needy categories are being created.

The Constitution clearly states that no one can be deprived of his home without a court decision. The owner who has been deprived of his house shall be compensated for his house and the damage he has suffered in advance and in equal value in the cases and procedure stipulated by the law.

The inclusion of this norm in the Constitution will be a solution to the problem of demolition, which has become one of the acute problems in society for several years.