18:37 / 27.02.2023

Ambulance driver beaten again in Tashkent 

The relative of the patient tried to use force against the paramedic because he did not treat well, and the driver tried to protect him.

Social networks disseminated a video which shows ambulance employees being beaten in the Sergeli district of Tashkent. According to the press service of the Health Ministry, the incident happened on the morning of February 27 at Sergeli-4 block.

“At 03:25, the CALL-center of the Tashkent city branch of the Republican emergency medical center received a call from one of the apartments in the 4th block, Sergeli district. After the application was transferred to the 8th department of the district, the members of the ambulance crew – doctor T.A. and paramedic Kh.O. arrived at the destination shortly.

A.A., a patient born in 1979, who suffered serious physical injuries as a result of being beaten, was immediately given first aid by the “103” brigade. Also, paramedic Kh.O., based on the condition of the patient, said that he should be immediately taken to the toxicology department of the Republican Emergency Medical Center.

At that time, an acquaintance of the patient, citizen K.A. (born in 1990) allegedly accused the paramedic of not taking good care of A.A. and threatened him. In addition, he hit and seriously injured him the ambulance driver T.S. (born in 1970), who was defending the medical worker,” the ministry said.

Consequently, the injured ambulance driver was taken to the Republican Emergency Medical Research Center. As a result of examinations, he was admitted to the neurosurgery department with the initial diagnosis of “closed brain injury, concussion, nasal bone fracture, nasal soft tissue laceration”. The patient is now receiving medical treatment based on established standards.

Photo: Press service of the Health Ministry 

Currently, a criminal case has been initiated against 33-year-old citizen K.A., an investigation is underway.

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