15:56 / 28.02.2023

“Navoiyazot” JSC being prepared for privatization 

The State Assets Management Agency has announced a competition for the involvement of a leading consultant to develop a strategy for the privatization of “Navoiyazot” JSC and a “roadmap” for its implementation in accordance with the relevant privatization programs.


It is planned to sell shares in the authorized capital of the joint-stock company and the “Uzkimyosanoat” state holding. Both privatization of the entire company and the sale of separate independent units, production chains, infrastructure and services are under consideration.

The consultant is expected to conduct a financial, tax and legal review of the asset. He should also study the interest of investors in the company and its parts and, based on the collected information, develop a strategy for the privatization of the plant. Implementation period – 6-8 months.

“Navoiyazot” JSC is one of the largest chemical enterprises in Uzbekistan, which processes natural gas and produces mineral fertilizers, chemical reagents for gold miners, and low-ton chemical products.

“Navoiyazot” JSC produces more than 30% of Uzbekistan’s chemical products, is one of the base segments of the “Uzkimyosanoat” joint-stock asset and covers almost all sectors of industry, transport, agriculture, fuel and energy complex, as well as the service sector, science and education.

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