20:49 / 11.03.2023

“Star Med” clinic’s activity temporarily suspended

The Ministry explained this with investigations appointed to investigate the causes of death of blogger Farhod Mannopov.

The results of the preliminary investigation into the death of the famous blogger, who died on March 5, have been released.  Jaloliddin Asomiddinov, the head of the Department of Health Ministry, informed Kun.uz that after laboratory analyzes and MSCT examinations, he was found to have a curvature of the nasal septum, hyperplasia of the temporal lobes, and hyperplasia of the middle and lower nasal conchas.

After that, with the consent of the patient, the appropriate surgery was performed. The citizen was given endotracheal anesthesia for rhinoseptoplasty. However, during the operation, the condition of the patient suddenly worsened. Despite intensive care measures, on March 5 this year at around 03:22, biological death was recorded.

“Currently, the operation of the “Star Med Center” clinic has been temporarily suspended due to investigations. Also, the Ministry of Health together with the relevant bodies is studying the death of citizen Farhod Mannopov in accordance with the established procedure,” Jaloliddin Asomiddinov said. 

It should be recalled that Farhod Mannopov, who created videos under the pseudonym Mittivine and had 1.1 million followers on Instagram, sustained a head injury while swimming in the pool.

On March 6, it was announced that a criminal case was opened in connection with the famous blogger’s death under the relevant clauses of Article 116 (Improper performance of one’s official duties) of the Criminal Code. 

According to Otabek Bekiyev, the senior investigator of the Chilanzar district prosecutor’s office, in order to clarify the fact that the work was not carried out properly, the Ministry of Health has been tasked with investigating the actions of doctors, as well as conducting a forensic medical examination on the death of the deceased.

The investigator investigating the case of Farhod Mannopov told Kun.uz that there were other death cases in the clinic where the operation was performed.

Our compatriot, anesthesiologist-reanimatologist Jakhongir Jurayev, who is working abroad, responded to the open questions regarding the blogger’s death, denying that his death was caused by a large amount of anesthesia, and assumed that the death may have occurred due to “malignant hyperthermia” observed as a result of certain drugs used in anesthesia.

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