09:21 / 13.03.2023

Uzbekistan imports 1,800 ATMs from Hungary

According to the presidential decree, Khalq Banki (People’s Bank) was instructed to import 1,800 ATMs from abroad by October 1, 2022. Kun.uz contacted the bank’s responsible persons and inquired about the progress in the implementation of the resolution.

Photo: Kun.uz

Based on the presidential decree of April 8, 2022, Khalq Banki, together with the Central Bank, had to import 1,800 ATM units by October 1, 2022. They were planned to be installed in remote regions of the republic.

After deciding on the integration of UzCard and Humo, which will help increase the number of points for ATMs, our publication became interested in the process of implementing the previously adopted document on the import of new terminals into the republic.

The press service of the Khalq Banki told us that in accordance with the agreement No. 20220207 dated March 29, 2022, in partnership with the Central Bank, 1,800 ATMs were imported from Hungary at a market price through the SPECTRUM Security Safety Kft organization and fully installed in the regions.

“These ATMs were manufactured at the NCR factory, of which 1,500 are NCR 6623 (cash out) and 300 are NCR 6683 (cash in/cash out, recycling). Thus, the total number of Khalq Banki ATMs has reached 3,111. Today, they serve, among other things, for cashing out funds of residents living in remote areas of the country,” the report reads.

It is noted that the number of ATMs of Khalq Banki in the market of Uzbekistan is 35% of the total number of ATMs.

The responsible persons of the bank explain that before the adoption of the presidential decree (04/08/2022), negotiations were already underway on the import of ATMs from abroad. For this reason, the contract was concluded in March.

According to the Central Bank, the number of ATMs and infokiosks installed in the banking infrastructure, in tourist and other public places increased by 57% and as of January 1, 2023, amounted to more than 20.4 thousand units.