14:55 / 15.03.2023

Border service of Kyrgyzstan denies rumors about violation of state border by Uzbek servicemen 

A video has been circulated on the network in which a citizen of Kyrgyzstan claims that the border guards of Uzbekistan illegally crossed the state border.

Photo: Sputnik / Tabyldy Kadyrbekov

According to the press service of the border service of the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan, on March 12, in the area of Jalpak-Tash, Say village, Batken district, Batken region, a local resident posted a video in which Uzbek border guards with weapons crossed into the territory of Kyrgyzstan.

“In order to prevent conflict at the state border, the border guards of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Aydarken direction held a meeting with the border representatives of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the Sokh direction. As a result of the meeting, it was established that the Uzbek servicemen did not violate the state border, but were on the territory of Uzbekistan near the border line in order to inspect the site. During a conversation with a resident of the village of Say, Batken district, they behaved correctly,” the report reads.

It also became known that border representatives of the parties came to an agreement that in order to avoid misunderstanding among the population of the border regions of the two republics, they will henceforth coordinate all the actions of the military personnel of the parties, informing the relevant authorities in advance.

In addition, it was decided to hold another meeting at the level of heads of cadastral services of the parties with the participation of local authorities, it was decided to intensify explanatory work among the population.

“The situation was explained to a resident of the village of Say, Batken district, who published the video,” the border service of Kyrgyzstan concluded.

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