17:52 / 27.03.2023

Military servicemen of Uzbekistan become winners of a competition in USA

Servicemen of the Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan, junior sergeants Anvar Tursunov and Azamat Kenjayev took part in the “Best Warrior – 2023” competition, which took place on March 17-24 at the Camp Shelby military training base in Mississippi, USA.

Photo: Ministry of Defense

According to the Ministry of Defense, in this competition, which is organized to strengthen international military cooperation and increase the prestige of military service in special units, the servicemen of Uzbekistan competed with the servicemen of special units of the US National Guard.

During the competition, Uzbek servicemen successfully completed such conditions as individual physical fitness tests (consisting of 6 exercises), overcoming a strip of physical and psychological stress, orienting 15 km at night, marching 20 km with full load of 15 kg, test tests in combat and general training, writing an essay (at least 500 words on the topic of combat cooperation), artillery fire control, disassembly, assembly and bringing into combat condition of American-style firearms, as well as firing from it in various ways and in various settings, medical training, defense against weapons of mass destruction and unexpected (sudden) exercises.

They updated the competition record by completing a 20 km forced march with a full load of 15 kg in 1 hour 54 minutes.

“In this competition, the servicemen of the Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan distinguished themselves among other participants with their high intellectual potential, physical fitness and confidence in victory, and having shown the highest results, they became the winners of the competition,” the ministerial press service concluded.