14:27 / 29.03.2023

Turkey to install 100 modular structures from Uzbekistan

As part of charitable assistance from Uzbekistan, which extended a helping hand to Turkey after the devastating February earthquakes with epicenters in Kahramanmaraş, 100 residential container structures are being installed in the Antakya district of Hatay province, each of which can accommodate a family.

Photo: Kun.uz

Modular houses are being installed with the direct assistance of the Seyhun Education and Culture Association, founded in 2016 by the Uzbek diaspora in Istanbul, Anadolu reports.

From the first days after the earthquake, the association, with the support of the Uzbek people, organized the distribution of hot meals in the affected region. In general, the association plans to install 100 containers in the Ovakent region. There is a kitchen, a toilet and a bathroom inside the container with a total area of 21 square meters. The containers are equipped with thermal insulation and are resistant to various seasonal factors. Their installation is carried out by a team of 15 people.

The head of the association, Tahir Abdullah, said that after the earthquakes, the people of Uzbekistan provided great support.

According to him, since the second day after the earthquake, the association’s employees have been providing food aid in the Elbistan region for 17 days, providing food to 1,000 people daily.

“Later, at the direction of the Turkish Government’s Emergency Management and Prevention Authority (AFAD), we arrived in Antakya. We plan to install 100 containers in the Ovakent area. At the moment, we have building materials for the installation of more than 80 containers. We are installing them. The peculiarity of our containers is that they are bolted, that is, they are designed in such a way that they can be assembled and moved if desired,” Abdullah said.

According to him, the total area of one container is 21 square meters. 

“It has a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet. A family can comfortably accommodate in a container,” the head of the association said.

Abdullah said that the installation of containers in the Ovakent area is being polished to be completed within 15 days. The region is mostly inhabited by members of the Uzbek diaspora who moved here in the 1980s, the head of the association said.

Abdullah recalled that on the first day of the earthquake, Uzbekistan sent a rescue team of 100 people to Turkey.

“A field hospital was deployed in the Ovakent region, food distribution was organized,” the head of the association added.

According to him, the association through social networks told the Uzbek people about the scale of the tragedy in the south and southeast of Turkey.

“The Uzbek people did not remain indifferent to the needs of those affected by the earthquake,” Abdullah concluded.

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