15:08 / 27.05.2023

Emergency workers find bodies of two drowned children in Zarafshan River

Three children living in the Pakhtachi district drowned in the Zarafshan River, and the body of one of them was recovered from the water earlier.

According to the press secretary of the Prosecutor General's Office, the bodies of the other two children have also been found.

The incident happened on May 25, at around 14:00 in the Pakhtachi district of Samarkand region. Three children who went swimming drowned due to their carelessness.

Reportedly, the drowned children were born in 2009 and were 7th-grade students of school No. 13 in the Pakhtachi district.

On May 26, the body of one of the children was found during search operations conducted by MES and MIA staff. The search for the remaining two children was ongoing.

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