15:28 / 27.05.2023

Two assistant governors of the same district arrested for fraud in Navoi

One of these individuals, who works as a governor’s assistant in a mahalla of Khatirchi district, issued loans under the name of other citizens and embezzled them, and the other one demanded money from citizens for issuing loans.

The PGO Department for Combating Economic Crimes reported on the first case.

It was reported that an investigation was conducted by the Khatirchi district PGO department. During which, it became known that assistant governor A.D. was able to issue 354.9 million soums of concessional loans under the names of citizen N.J. and others without their knowledge for the development of fishing and beekeeping activities. Then he looted these funds by transferring them to other LLCs.

The MIA Department for Combating Corruption and Economic Crimes of the Navoi region informed Kun.uz about the second case. Allegedly, assistant governor in the “S” mahalla of the district, Sh.I., demanded $100 and 900,000 soums from a citizen who came to him asking for a recommendation to get a preferential loan. The official also said that he will issue loans in the amount of 25 million soums through his acquaintances.

On May 26, on the basis of the citizen’s application, an operative event was conducted in cooperation with employees of the MIA Department for Combating Corruption and Economic Crimes, the PGO Department and the Navoi Regional SSS Department. The governor’s assistant was arrested while receiving the money he demanded.

Also, when the event was continued, citizen Sh.B., who found loan recipients for the assistant governor, was involved in the pre-investigation check.

Currently, a criminal case has been initiated on both cases under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code, and investigative activities are underway.

Earlier, in Kashkadarya, two assistant governors were arrested by SSS.

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