09:51 / 05.06.2023

PGO publishes footage from Chilanzar district DIA where a 21-year-old man died trying to escape

Recently, it became known that a 21-year-old man died on the territory of the Chilanzar district department of internal affairs, in respect of whom an investigation was underway. According to the MIA, having entered the toilet, he jumped from the window of the fourth floor to hide from the investigation, and received various bodily injuries.

Photo: Frame from video

On June 3, the General Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the fact that a 21-year-old boy jumped from the 4th floor window. They also published footage from the Chilanzar district DIA. In the video, one can see the moment of the fall of a young man.

Reportedly, on May 22, a young guy who was taken to the 4th floor of the DIA for investigative measures, in order to avoid responsibility, entered the toilet located on this floor. It is noted that the officer was distracted, and at that moment the 21-year-old guy jumped from the toilet window onto the slate roof of the kitchen, located on the ground floor.

As a result of the fall, he broke the edge of the slate roof and hit his head on the concrete pavement. The victim was taken to the hospital by police officers.

“On the same day, May 22, a group led by the prosecutor of the Chilanzar district visited the building, the surrounding area and took statements from relevant witnesses and all employees involved in the case. Despite the medical assistance provided, the young guy died in the hospital on May 29 due to fatal injuries. A forensic medical examination has been appointed on this case,” the PGO said in a statement.

In order to assess the actions of DIA employees, an internal audit is carried out.

Earlier, it was reported that a 21-year-old man died, in respect of whom an investigation was conducted in the Chilanzar district DIA. The investigators said that in order to escape, he jumped out of the toilet window on the 4th floor of the DIA building and broke his leg. At the same time, the relatives of the deceased doubt this.

According to the MIA, the young guy was taken to a service room located on the 4th floor of the Chilanzar district DIA. He asked to go to the toilet. Entering the toilet, he jumped off the toilet window to avoid the investigation and received various bodily injuries.

Then the Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that this case was recorded by surveillance cameras.

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