12:54 / 05.06.2023

Uzbekistan to introduce principles of “zero waste” in field of waste processing 

In Uzbekistan, new procedures and mechanisms will be introduced based on the principles of “zero waste” in the field of work related to household solid waste. This was determined in the decision of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev dated May 31 on changing the field of ecology and environmental protection.

Photo: Kun.uz

The Ministry of Ecology, Environmental Protection and Climate Change was instructed to submit the project of the integrated household waste management program to the government by September 1.

The decree envisages separate collection and removal of household waste by type.

It is planned to introduce circular economy practices into the industry - new crop
 waste should be recycled or incinerated as much as possible without sending it to landfills.

The decree envisages the gradual achievement of complete processing and incineration of waste in all existing landfills.

The surplus of heat or electricity obtained as a result of incineration of waste is directed to meet the needs of the population and production in the existing energy and communication networks at the expense of payment, including the “green tariff”.

In order to increase the effectiveness of the new system, it is planned to introduce a system of allocation of “green subsidies” from the state budget.

From September 1, for a period of one year, an experiment will be implemented in Asaka district, Bukhara and Termiz cities to manage multi-apartment buildings by business entities involved in waste collection, removal and processing.

The decree prohibits the privatization of waste landfills. Leasing of landfill areas to organizations involved in waste processing, cleaning and sale of vacated land plots is carried out by the Ministry of Ecology.

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