10:33 / 08.06.2023

Fergana regional DIA: Khidirnazar Allakulov has injured 2 employees

According to the Department of Internal Affairs of Fergana region gave information about the conflicts that arose between the initiator of the “Haqiqat, taraqqiyot va birdamlik” (“Truth, development and solidarity”) party, Khidirnazar Allakulov, and the citizens whose identities are being identified. After that, information about the incident which happened in the Fergana DIA was provided.

Photo: Frame from video

“On June 7, at 09:10, Allakulov gathered people in the territory of the Islam Karimov Palace of Arts in Fergana to collect signatures for party registration. A dispute has arisen with several citizens here,” the report reads.

On the above fact, Allakulov’s appeal to the Fergana city DIA was accepted by the internal affairs staff in the prescribed manner.

Also, outside the DIA building, citizen Allakulov quarreled with citizen M.U. (born in 1971) as a result of a mutual misunderstanding, and “Allegedly, he entered the territory of the city DIA and brawled with employees of the internal affairs bodies under the unjustified pretext that law enforcement officers were interfering with the process of collecting signatures”.

“Citizen Allakulov Kh. And his supporters A.Sh. and T.Sh.,  disobeying the legal demand of DIA officers, actively resisted and injured two police officers on duty,” the report reads.

Currently, the Fergana city prosecutor’s office is conducting a pre-investigation check.

Allakulov’s supporters reported that a provocation was organized during the signature collection on the party’s YouTube channel. According to the published recording of the interview, Allakulov and others were taken to the DIA, where they were handcuffed.

At the end of May, Khidirnazar Allakulov announced that he was provoked during the collection of signatures in Andijan. The Andijan regional DIA said that the case of violation of public order is being investigated.

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