17:30 / 17.06.2023

Info about payment for electricity from “home” solar panels provided

Electricity suppliers will be able to sell it directly through their own grids.

Photo: International Finance Magazine

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the procedure for the sale by individuals and legal entities of electricity obtained from renewable energy sources. The decision was published on Lex.uz.

Energy sales are carried out on the basis of a sales contract. Citizens and organizations that have installed small (up to 1 MW) solar, wind or biogas generators for their needs will draw up an agreement on the sale of excess energy with “Regional Electric Grids” JSC.

Producers will also be able to directly sell electricity to individuals or legal entities through their own power grid. In its absence, energy will be conducted through the infrastructure of “REG” JSC with the payment of the appropriate tariff.

The buyer will have to pay for the received electricity within 10 working days after receiving the invoice and the certificate of reconciliation of meter readings.

Payment by “REG” JSC is made for each kilowatt-hour of electricity sold to the general grid. Funds are paid no later than the 25th day of the month following the settlement month (for example, money for energy sold in May must be received by the owner by June 25th).

If an individual or legal entity has installed a small solar, wind or biogas power plant for their needs, they will receive at least 80% of the tariff for consumers of the II tariff group for 1 kWh. Now this amount is equal to 360 soums.

In addition, for the sale by the population of energy generated by photo panels installed under the Solar House program, a subsidy from the state budget of 1,000 soums per 1 kWh will be paid. The money will come through the Soliq app.

The President announced the payment of subsidies to stimulate the installation of photo panels by households in February. As part of the “Solar home” program, it is planned to provide more than 36,000 homes with energy from renewable sources.

In addition, on behalf of the head of state, the “Solar mahalla” competition started on June 1. Gatherings of citizens who have reached the target indicators for the installed photo panels earlier than others will receive prizes.

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