20:11 / 17.06.2023

Uzbekistan increased volume of uranium supply to USA by almost 80% 

The share of Uzbek uranium in the US market has reached 11% and ranks after Canada, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Photo: Kommersant

In 2022, Uzbekistan increased its uranium export to the USA by almost 80%, Kommersant writes citing EIA reports.

Uranium exports from Uzbekistan last year amounted to 4.44 million pounds of U3O8 equivalent, an increase of 78% compared to 2021. Thus, the share of Uzbekistan in the American market increased to 11%.

The US buys more than 95% of its uranium from abroad. The main supplier of uranium is Canada with a share of 27% (11.1 million feet). Next-ranked Kazakhstan provides a quarter of all supplies (10 million feet). Russia is in third place with a share of 11.7%.

In March 2022, US President Joe Biden announced a ban on the import of energy carriers from Russia. However, US officials did not impose sanctions on Russian uranium. Russia, together with Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, covers about half of the uranium needs of American nuclear power plants.

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