16:38 / 19.06.2023

Russia may start supplying Uzbekistan with sensors for uranium mining

A contract for the supply of high-tech products worth more than $3.5 million was signed.

Photo: Stankotec

Dagestan's company "Domalogika" will supply measuring sensors for uranium mining to Uzbekistan.

The company signed an agreement with the Uzbekistan company "Energopribor" for the supply of high-tech products produced in Dagestan for the amount of more than $3.5 million.

According to the CEO of Domalogika, Khasay Yusupanov, the contract was signed with the support of the Dagestan Export Support Center.

"We supply deep hydrostatic sensors for a uranium mining company, as well as automated relays," he says.

In 2022, Uzbekistan increased uranium exports to the United States by almost 80%.

Uranium exports from Uzbekistan last year amounted to 4.44 million pounds of U3O8 equivalent, an increase of 78% compared to 2021. Thus, the share of Uzbekistan in the American market reached 11%.