20:32 / 26.06.2023

UzLiDep: Gross domestic product per capita will increase by $4,000

In the next 7 years, the GDP per capita will be increased from $2,200 to $4,000. This was reported by the information service of the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan.

Pre-election meetings of Shavkat Mirziyoev, the candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Uzbekistan from the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, continue. During the meetings, information was provided about the work to be carried out in the republic until 2030, envisaged in the candidate’s pre-election program. According to the plan, until 2030:

•  enrollment of children in kindergartens reaches 100%;
•  70% quota is allocated for children of needy families in specialized schools;
•  the amount of annual funds allocated for the maintenance of public health will be doubled to $6 billion;
•  the level of coverage with guaranteed medical service will be further expanded;
•  a wage payment system will be introduced for needy people with disabilities in their families;
•  funds in the amount of $15 billion will be allocated for the construction of 1 million additional housing units;
•  GDP per capita will be increased from $2,200 to $4,000;
•  in the automobile industry, 1 million cars are produced annually;
•  rates for business value added, profit, turnover and property taxes will not be increased;
•  our national army will be equipped with the most modern weapons and military equipment.

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