13:43 / 29.06.2023

Changes coming into force from July 1 announced 

According to its tradition, Kun.uz website reminds citizens of some changes that will take place in the legislation of Uzbekistan from July 1, 2023.

Photo: Getty Images

• Married persons will undergo a molecular-genetic test;
• Contracts for natural gas and electricity will be concluded electronically;
• The number and quality of public services will be increased;
• A new opportunity will appear in the online auction;
• Ministerial scholarship will be introduced;
• The system of "Public Environmental Supervisor" will appear;
• 1-year "opportunity" will be granted for greenhouse workers;
• The amount of allowance will be increased for some "doctors";
• Bar certificate with QR code will be introduced;
• New "number plates" will be auctioned at the starting price.

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