11:59 / 26.07.2023

Ex-employees of Andijan regional DIA being prosecuted for looting 5.6 billion soums 

A criminal case was initiated against the deputy head of the DIA Financial Support Service, the head of the accounting department, and a BCE employee.

Photo: Kun.uz

Earlier, social networks spread news that injustice is being done against M.M., the former deputy head of the Financial Support Service of the Andijan regional DIA, and a criminal case has been opened against him because he fought against corruption. The regional prosecutor’s office provided information on this case.

It was found that the regional prosecutor’s office interrogated M.M. and others on the criminal case initiated by Paragraph “a”, Article 167-3 and other articles of the Criminal Code.

During the investigation of M.M. and others, it was found that a total of 5.6 billion soums in the regional DIA deposit account was looted.

According to the results of the investigation, the deputy head of the financial support service of the regional DIA M.M., the former head of the accounting and reporting department D.A., the former employee of the DIA Sh.M., the former executive of the Andijan city BCE department Sh.A. were found guilty of committing a crime under Paragraphs “a”, “g” of Article 167-3 (embezzlement or looting by means of fraud) and other articles, and a precautionary measure in the form of “detention” was applied against the accused.

The guilt of the defendants was confirmed by the sum of the evidence collected in the criminal case. The criminal case was sent to the court with the indictment, and the trial is currently being held.