22:29 / 26.07.2023

Number of resident airlines in Uzbekistan reaches 8

The Transport Ministry says 93 regular flights are performed on local routes per week.

During the first half of this year, four new airlines – Centrum Air, Silk Avia, Asia Union Airlines and Tashkent Air – were established in Uzbekistan and started their activities. “The number of resident airlines has reached eight. We have Uzbekistan Airways, Qanot Sharq, Panorama Airways and Humo Air airlines as well,” the Ministry of Transport said.

It is noted that during the past 6 months, 17 aircraft were delivered to Uzbekistan by Uzbekistan Airways JSC and newly established resident airlines.

At present, 93 regular flights per week are performed on local routes by Uzbekistan Airways, Qanot Sharq, Centrum Air, Silk Avia and Humo Air airlines.

In the IATA-2023 summer season, resident and foreign airlines were given permits to operate international flights with 697 frequencies per week, the ministry said.

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