20:06 / 28.07.2023

Jahongir Ulugmurodov’s sentence changed to restriction of liberty

A cassation appeal was considered in the case of a 21-year-old student, and the sentence given to him was changed to a sentence of restriction of liberty.

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The sentence of a 21-year-old student who was sentenced to 3 years in prison for spreading banned nasheed was reduced, the press service of the Supreme Court reported.

Today, July 28, the cassation appeal filed by lawyer A. Abdullaev against the decision of the appellate instance of the Tashkent regional court on criminal proceedings on July 17, 2023 was considered.

The court of cassation changed the court decisions issued against Jahongir Ulugmurodov in the case, taking into account such circumstances as his youth, being a student, no previous convictions, a positive reference from the place of study, family circumstances, remorse for his actions, as well as his behavior after committing the crime.

Thus, in accordance with the ruling of the cassation instance of the Supreme Court Criminal Trial Panel on July 28, 2023, the court decisions against Jahongir Ulugmurodov were changed: he was sentenced to restriction of liberty for 3 years using Article 57 (imposing a lighter sentence) via Paragraph “g”, Part 3, Article 244-1 of the Criminal Code.

He was ordered to serve the sentence of restriction of liberty at the place of residence and was forbidden to leave the place of residence from 22:00 to 06:00.

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