11:25 / 28.05.2024

Educational loans to be issued only for full-time students

The corresponding decree was signed by the President.

Photo: Kun.uz

Starting from the 2024/2025 academic year, the country will change the procedure for allocating educational loans to university students and students of professional educational organizations at the expense of the Fund for Financing Educational Loans under the Ministry of Economy and Finance. This is stated in the presidential decree.

In particular, educational loans will be issued only for full-time students studying in higher and professional educational organizations.

First-year students of higher educational organizations and students of professional educational organizations will be allocated an educational loan in the amount of the tuition fee amount. Students of the second and subsequent years will be allocated no more than 80% of the contract amount if the student’s average academic performance in the disciplines is below “3” (with the exception of children from families included in the “Unified Register of Social Protection”).

To receive an educational loan, a student must be a member of the information system “Accounting for services provided to students on a contractual basis” (kontrakt.edu.uz) and the information system “Higher Education Process Management” (HEMIS).

Students of a professional educational organization should be registered in the information system “Process Management of Vocational Education” (prof.edu.uz).

Before the start of the new academic year, citizens will have the opportunity to apply for an educational loan through the Educational Loan information system of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (talim-krediti.mf.uz) and the Unified Portal of Interactive Government Services (my.gov.uz).

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