15:23 / 04.09.2023

Environmental officer detained in Navoi while accepting bribes for permission to cut down trees

He demanded from the construction company 92.4 million soums for the damage caused to nature for 3 trees cut down in Navoi city and 163 million soums for permission to cut down 4 more trees.

Photo: Navoi regional DIA

M.R., chief specialist of the Department of Forest Development and Combating Desertification of the Natural Resources Department of Navoi region was arrested in an operative event conducted in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, Kun.uz reported with reference to the regional DIA.

It was reported that the manager of “Innovatsion Group Navoiy” LLC Sh.Kh. appealed to the head of the regional DIA. In his application, he stated that a multi-storey residential building was being built in the city of Navoi, to carry out construction work, an environmental worker M.R. allowed to cut down 4 mulberry trees. Also, the official demanded 163 million soums in exchange for not recovering 92.4 million soums of damage caused to nature due to 3 mulberry trees that were cut earlier by the head of the construction company. The developer asked to take legal action against him.

On August 28, M.R. was detained while receiving the agreed money from the applicant in the operative event conducted by law enforcement officers. Currently, a criminal case has been initiated. An investigation is underway.

Earlier, the head of the ecology and environmental protection department of Karmana district, Navoi region, was detained for taking 10 million soums from a citizen in exchange for not issuing a report for the felled trees.

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