18:24 / 08.09.2023

Uzbekistan bans keeping more than 66 species of wild animals at home

Among the animals that are prohibited from being kept in captivity are wild cats, wolves, tigers, poisonous snakes and others.

Photo: eco.gov.uz

By presidential decree, additions and changes were made to the Law “On the Protection and Use of Wildlife”.

The document prohibits citizens from keeping certain species of wild animals in semi-free conditions, in artificial habitats or in captivity.

The list of animals prohibited from being kept at home, as well as the procedure for keeping them by legal entities (organizations), will be established by the government.

It was previously reported that the list included more than 66 species of wild animals, including insects, fish, poisonous snakes, all subspecies of the bear family, tigers, crocodiles, falcons, wild cats, wolves, jackals, foxes, orangutans, chimpanzees and others.

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