SOCIETY | 15:30 / 12.06.2024
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Russia may ban illegal migrants from getting married

The Russian State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs approved for the first reading a bill on strengthening federal state control in the field of migration, which prohibits illegal migrants from obtaining a driver's license and getting married.

Photo: AGN “Moscow” / Kirill Zykov

According to the bill, illegal foreigners on the territory of the Russian Federation will be subject to a deportation regime, losing the right to change their place of residence, drive a car, get married, open bank accounts, buy real estate, register a business and open legal entities. They will be able to spend no more than 30 thousand rubles a month from their accounts or on tickets to other countries, and they will be prohibited from transferring these funds to other banks.

The draft law states that the new deportation regime will be established in relation to foreign citizens who do not have the right to legally stay in the Russian Federation. This may be due to the expiration of temporary stay in Russia or migration documents, cancellation of a temporary residence permit, residence permit, or the commission of an illegal act.

The regime will terminate in cases where a foreign citizen leaves the Russian Federation, regulates his legal status, cancels the decision that was the basis for the application of this regime, or the death of the foreigner.

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