19:39 / 09.09.2023

Electricity and gas tariffs expected to change for legal entities from October 1

Tariffs for the population will not change.

The draft decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on "Additional measures to introduce market mechanisms in the fuel and energy sector" has been announced.

According to the draft document, it is proposed to increase electricity and natural gas tariffs for legal entities from October 1, 2023.

In particular, electricity consumers of groups 1 and 2 (AMMC, NMMC, Uzmetkombinat and budget organizations) may be charged up to 1,000 soums (currently 450 soums) for 1 kWh. Prices for other legal entities will be up to 900 soums (currently 450 soums).

Natural gas tariffs for AMMC, NMMC, Uzmetkombinat and budget organizations are proposed to be set up to 1,800 soums (currently 660 soums) for 1 cubic meter, and up to 1,500 soums (currently 660 soums) for other organizations.

The project envisages that electricity, natural and liquefied gas tariffs for the population will remain unchanged, at current prices.

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