14:29 / 21.09.2023

Samarkand citizen detained for attempting to sell 1 hectare of land for $159,000

The State Security Service identified cases related to illegal land sales in Samarkand, Surkhandarya and Andijan regions. This was revealed at an operative event held in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, the organization said.

Photo: Frame from the video

It is noted that a 56-year-old resident of Kattakurgan district of Samarkand region promised to get 1 hectare of land in the state reserve for $150,000 through his official acquaintances. In addition, he wanted to register this land under his name with the help of his acquaintances in the cadastral system for $9,000. The citizen was caught red-handed while receiving a total of $159,000.

In the Pakhtachi district, a 40-year-old man came to sell 10.45 hectares of land belonging to his mother’s farm to an entrepreneur who wanted to build a fruit processing plant for 900 million soums. The suspect was caught when he received $13,000 in advance for this.

It was found out that a previously convicted worker of a farm specialized in horticulture in Shurchi district (Surkhandarya region) tried to sell 50 hectares of land to a buyer for $45,000. He was caught when he received $40,000.

A person living in Asaka district (Andijan region) was arrested when he sold 24 hectares of land belonging to a farm specialized in horticulture to a buyer for $22,500. It is known that the buyer planned to build a residence in this place in the future.

Currently, criminal cases have been initiated against these persons under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code, and investigations are being carried out.