08:34 / 20.10.2023

Media: Assistant district prosecutor arrested for taking $4 thousand in bribe in Tashkent region

J.S., assistant prosecutor of the Tashkent district (Tashkent region) was caught red-handed while taking $4,000 from a citizen to recruit him into the National Guard, the Kun.uz source reported.

Photo: KUN.UZ

Allegedly, an employee of the Public Security University was also involved in the criminal case.

Kun.uz sent a request to the press services of the National Guard and the Prosecutor General’s Office regarding the situation, but it was not possible to get a comment from the authorities during the day.

Earlier, it was reported that assistant prosecutor of the Piskent district (Tashkent region) was detained with a bribe of $1,500, and an investigator of the Akhangaron city prosecutor’s office – with a bribe of $9,000.

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