BUSINESS | 13:14 / 18.11.2023
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Kazakhstan to increase cargo transportation volume on the border with Uzbekistan

From November 20, up to 30 trains per day will pass through the Saryagash border crossing.

Photo: Uztemiryulkonteyner

Kazakhstan plans to increase the volume of cargo transportation on the border with Uzbekistan, the press service of Kazakhstan Temir Zholy reports.

Kazakh railways note that the Saryagash border crossing is experiencing increased load, which reduces the capacity of the main network. If the norm is 6 thousand cars, then now the car flow reaches 6.5 thousand.

“To stabilize the situation, KTZ (Kazakhstan Temir Zholy) is actively working with representatives of the railway administration of Uzbekistan to increase the volume of cargo transportation – up to 30 trains daily – through the Saryagash border crossing,” the report reads.

Kazakhstan Temir Zholy will consider applications for additional volumes of cargo transportation in the direction of Uzbekistan from November 20.

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