POLITICS | 15:47 / 25.11.2023
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Uzbekistan to ratify 3 international agreements  

At the forty-seventh plenary session of the Senate, the laws on the ratification of agreements between Uzbekistan and Italy on extradition, transfer of prisoners, and mutual legal assistance in criminal cases were considered.

Photo: Senate information service

In the law “On the ratification of the agreement between Uzbekistan and Italy on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters (Rome, June 8, 2023)” considered by the senators, the grounds and conditions for providing legal assistance in connection with the investigation of criminal cases and the implementation of other procedural actions – conditions are assumed. The form and content of requests, the grounds for refusing or delaying assistance, the execution of requests, safeguards, security guarantees, as well as the transfer of criminal cases for further prosecution, are being defined.

The ratification of the treaty between Uzbekistan and Italy on the transfer of prisoners (Rome, June 8, 2023) will create a legal basis and opportunity for the citizens of Uzbekistan and Italy to serve the sentence imposed by the court in their country. According to the document, the transfer of convicts is carried out on the basis of the appeals of the contracting parties in accordance with the procedures established by law.

In the extradition agreement between Uzbekistan and Italy (Rome, June 8, 2023), the grounds for each party to extradite persons identified in its territory and wanted by the other party at the request of the other party for the purpose of bringing them to criminal responsibility or executing the sentence issued against such persons and conditions are specified. The ratification of the agreement serves to increase the efficiency of the trial and ensure the principle of inevitability of punishment for the persons who committed the crime.

As a result of the discussion, senators supported the laws on the ratification of the treaties.

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