12:54 / 27.11.2023

US Embassy Tashkent among top-10 in terms of issuing visas for Green Card winners

Among all the US embassies across the world, the US Embassy in Tashkent was the seventh in terms of issuing visas for Green Card winners.

Photo: US Embassy Tashkent

“We are proud to announce that the US Embassy Tashkent issued the 7th highest number of Diversity Visas in the world for the DV2023 program,” the diplomatic mission said.

It should be noted that for the DV2023 program, more than five thousand Uzbeks were selected. However, winning the lottery does not guarantee a visa. Some fail the interview; some don’t even have a chance to get the interview.

In an interview with Kun.uz, US Ambassador Jonathan Henick explained that the reason for Green Card winners not getting the interview is the embassy running out of available slots, which is 55 thousand globally every year.

“In some years, everybody who won the lottery in Uzbekistan was able to get an interview, and in some years, we used up all the slots around the world before everybody was able to get an interview. What that means is if you were unable to get an interview, unfortunately, the opportunity for that year has passed and you can reenter the lottery next year,” he said.

The embassy added that “there are many channels to live, study, and work in the United States. Travel legally, travel safely.”

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