12:18 / 29.11.2023

President Mirziyoyev instructs officials to localize production of medicines and electrical equipment

Shavkat Mirziyoyev has instructed to localize the production of pharmaceutical and electrical products.

Photo: Presidential press service

Over the past six years, pharmaceutical production in the republic has increased 3 times, and exports - 6 times. Also, 177 projects worth $525 million were launched, which created more than 50 thousand jobs, the presidential press service writes.

With the demand for medicines at $1.6 billion a year, local manufacturers cover only 18%, and the rest is imported from foreign countries.

The president instructed to increase the localization of production to 35% by organizing the manufacturing of the 50 most consumed medicines in the country.

Mirziyoyev emphasized the need to accelerate the construction of the Tashkent Pharma Park cluster and attract a private partner to it. Moreover, pharmaceutical companies will be helped to move to the international GMP standard and create labeling systems.

The industry has formed 173 projects worth $1.5 billion, of which $600 million will be allocated from the state budget.

Based on the results of the implementation of projects in 2024, it is planned to establish production worth $400 million and export products worth $160 million.

Also, since 2017, 224 projects worth $640 million have been launched in the electrical industry. By the end of this year, exports will exceed $1 billion.

However, imports of electrical equipment into Uzbekistan amount to $800 million per year, and the volume of the regional market is estimated at $3 billion. In 2024, 141 projects worth $2 billion are scheduled to be launched, which will increase the competitiveness of domestic products.

$100 million will be allocated for state support for the implementation of advanced technologies, innovations, and international standards.

Mirziyoyev instructed to localize the production of cables, generators, inverters, and transformers used in “green” energy, and to obtain international certificates.

Next year, the volume of copper production and processing will increase by 20% - up to 140 thousand tons. In addition, copper export potential is estimated at $1.5 billion and could grow to $2 billion in 2025.

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