12:02 / 02.12.2023

Tashkent cameras begin recording violations of travel along the bus lane

Drivers are allowed to enter a dedicated public transport lane in two cases. The traffic police department of the Tashkent city DIA provided details.

Photo: Frame from the video

In the capital, special cameras began to record cars stopped, moving, interfering with the movement of buses, or parked for no reason on the lane intended for the movement of route vehicles, on which the letter “A” is marked, the press service of the Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Tashkent City DIA reported.

According to paragraph 132 of the traffic rules, drivers are allowed to enter a lane specially designated for buses only in two cases: when the driver of the car needs to turn right, and also when unloading or loading passengers.

From now on, drivers who violated this rule began to be recorded by cameras installed on special devices near the sidewalks.

It is noted that fines will be applied to violators in accordance with the established procedure.

It should be recalled that for driving in a dedicated lane, drivers are subject to a fine of 0.5 BCA (170 thousand soums) in accordance with Article 128 of the Administrative Responsibility Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan. For stopping on this lane, according to Article 128-6 of the Administrative Responsibility Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a fine in the amount of two BCAs (680 thousand soums) is provided.