16:33 / 05.12.2023

Raids in Namangan: 13 weapons, thousands of psychotropic substances and narcotics were found

In the Namangan region, 35 people who were hiding from investigative and judicial authorities were caught during the preventive measures conducted by the law enforcement agencies.

Photo: Namangan regional DIA

In order to put an end to crime, prevent violations and stabilize the criminal situation in the territory of Namangan region, prompt and preventive measures are being carried out in cooperation with internal affairs bodies and law enforcement agencies.

In particular, during the conducted rapid search activities, in 20 cases, circulation of a large amount of narcotic drugs, in 7 cases, possession and transfer of 4,615 psychotropic drugs, 13 cases, illegal weapons and 190 cases of ammunition, more than 61,000 pieces of various pyrotechnics have been prevented.

Also, 35 persons who were hiding from the investigative and judicial authorities were arrested.

In addition, special operational measures are being conducted for the purpose of early prevention of crimes and violations.

Regional DIA asked residents to observe safety rules and not to be alarmed during the ongoing preventive measures.

Recently, there are raids against criminal groups that are said to have become more active. In particular, dozens of representatives of the criminal world have been arrested in Uzbekistan in the last few days, and investigations have begun against them.

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