11:08 / 05.01.2024

Gov’t plans to increase share of the private sector in medicine to 50%

In the next six years, it is planned to provide the fleet of medical institutions with electric vehicles.

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The Ministry of Health developed and published a draft national strategy “Public Health – 2030”.

The document outlines steps to form a new medical care system in Uzbekistan. It is planned to reorganize the financing of medical institutions of all levels, the system of supplying them with medicines and medical equipment, as well as management principles.

Every year it is expected to determine the exact volume of guaranteed medical services for each level. Funding for polyclinics will be transferred to an insurance model: for hospitals – per patient, for polyclinics – per each attached citizen.

The strategy also involves expanding the scope of paid medical services and gradually increasing the financial independence of medical institutions. The contribution of medicine to GDP is planned to be increased to 5%.

It is planned to implement up to 200 projects on the basis of public-private partnership. Multidisciplinary hospital clusters with at least 1 thousand beds will be opened in all regions.

In addition, it is planned to open an innovative medicine hub in Gulistan, which will include a cell medicine center and a genomic center. In the Fergana region, it is planned to invest $160 million in a cluster with centers for endocrinology, urology, cardiology, and radiation therapy.

Mechanisms to support non-state medical institutions will be introduced. By purchasing services from them, as well as transferring public clinics to the private sector, it is planned to increase the share of the private sector in healthcare to 50%.

Separately, goals are set for the development of the material and technical base of medical institutions. Among them is to provide at least half of their total vehicle fleet with electric vehicles by 2030.

The full version of the strategy is available on the Single Portal.

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