17:53 / 17.02.2024

$220 million to be allocated for food industry projects in Andijan region

It is planned to increase fish production and open new dairies and poultry farms.

Photo: Presidential press service

Reportedly, Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting on February 16 on the topic of socio-economic development of the Andijan region.

The President outlined the task of increasing productivity and exports in the region’s agriculture. He ordered the allocation of $130 million for loans for the purchase of agricultural equipment and the construction of new warehouses for 35 thousand tons of fertilizers in order to reduce farmers’ costs.

The goal is to concrete 265 km of irrigation canals and repair 22 pumping stations and hydraulic structures. In addition, experience in introducing vertical sowing of several crops will be expanded.

For this purpose, loans of up to 100 million soums and subsidies for the purchase of equipment will be provided. In addition, the state compensates 30% of the costs of seeds of highly profitable export-oriented crops.

In addition, it is planned to allocate 100 billion soums to harness the potential of artificial reservoirs in order to increase fish production to 100 thousand tons. It was ordered to open two large dairies in the region, as well as 20 poultry farms for 1.5 million heads.

Plans have been outlined to allocate $220 million for projects in the food industry with the participation of foreign brands. In the Andijan region, instructions were given to build an agrological center, and in Andijan, Ulugnor and Jalakuduk – to increase the processing of fruits and vegetables.

The experience of the sericulture cluster in Markhamat was also noted, where a silk production complex with exports of $25 million annually was built for $37 million. Similar clusters will be created throughout the region.

Social topics were also touched upon. Thus, one school in every district and city in the region has been instructed to introduce in-depth study of subjects or professions for grades 10-11.

At the Asaka Agricultural Technical School it is planned to introduce a 2+2 joint training program with the Andijan Agricultural Institute. $7 million will be allocated for the purchase of equipment for medical institutions in the region, including for the purpose of developing medical tourism.

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